Top 10 cost effective solutions to freshen your existing office on a tight budget!

  1. Our extensive research on this topic always leads to one thing. Staff love beautiful bathrooms and, in particular, appreciate when they are cleaned twice daily or more. It's such a small thing really to schedule the cleaning roster to accommodate and value the people who use it.
  2. Increasingly more of us are riding to work and so the existing bathroom area gets a level of use that wasn't originally planned for. Clever companies have realised that creating a locker room with amenities for a morning shower, including somewhere to store your suit, suddenly makes sense. Again it doesn't have to cost a fortune but the end result rewards those staff investing in their own good health.
  3. Create a cash incentive of $2,000 for the employee who makes the biggest shift in removing clutter from their desk. Take the idea further and make a further donation of $2,000 to a recognised charity of their choice. Alternatively let us provide a professional to guide the process. We have access to specialist people who can guide small groups of people work out the best use of their available space.
  4. Re-invent the staff kitchen to make it feel lighter, fresher and one that supports healthy eating options. We can help you build a new one that raises the bar and makes staff trips there a tonic rather than a chore. We have found that as people are often now making healthier choices in what they eat, so office kitchens often need a refresh to accommodate these new options.
  5. Clean the windows, replace the existing globes in light fittings, get the front desk detailed and polished. These are all small ways we can help improve the overall comfort of your existing space. Take it a step further and install new window blinds in the latest styles that change the amount of natural light being filtered into your existing space. A little natural light lightens everybody's mood.
  6. If you can't afford a total refit, considered replacing the existing floor coverings with state-of-the-art floor tiles. This automatically creates a new grid on which to build a fresher energy in an existing space. If you don't want to move the work stations, consider running special patterns along existing walkways. It will lift a tired office space to another level and that automatically impacts staff moral and human curiosity.
  7. If the budget stretches that far, paint all the doorways, feature walls and break-out areas with a new cool white from the extensive range now available from Haymes paints. We use and recommend this paint both for its quality and its subtle range of colours which enhance any space to make it fresh and new.
  8. Break-out areas used to apply only to Silicon Valley start-ups but have become mainstream as companies have come to realise it's not where you hold the conversation but what happens in it. Within that category of design we can build an enormous range of different outcomes that best fit your brief and budget.
  9. Turn an underused boardroom into a staff library with spaces created for quiet reflection. Make it a no speaking zone and it will become the go-to room when people want to think deeply about what they are working on without distraction. Subscribe to Fast Company, Inc and The Economist, and create a sideboard of fresh material to inspire. While iPads are magic, nothing replaces an old fashioned room set aside for quiet reflection and learning.
  10. Risk asking your staff to rate the 10 things they would most change around the office. Then do the decent thing and reward them by completing the top 3. Staff love to feel like shareholders in their own space.